Visit Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hoi An

Cantonese Assembly Hall is a popular tourist attraction in the small town of Hoi An. Go to Hoi An Old Town, you must visit this Cantonese Assembly Hall to get the pleasure of viewing this architectural heritage of Vietnam.


Cantonese Assembly Hall 1

(Cantonese Assembly Hall)


Location and History

The Hall is located at 176 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An in Viet Nam. It was built in the year 1885. The Chinese Cantonese merchants built this hall. The different parts of the building, which are separately made in China, were transferred here and joined together to build  Cantonese Assembly Hall. It was built for the primary purpose as home to the activities of compatriots and also the place of worshiping of   overseas living and working in Hoi An. The place worships Goddess Thien Hau and Confucius at the beginning time. It then has moved into worshiping Guan Gong and the ancestors of the Hall.


Cantonese Assembly Hall 2(The Hall)


What to see in The Cantonese Assembly Hall?

Cantonese Assembly Hall  has the three-entrance gate, a nice garden with ornamental plants, a main hall and a large altar room. Four Chinese characters, meaning “Cantonese Assembly Hall”, are embossed on the upper part of the three-entrance gate. The three-gate is roofed with green tube-tiles and decorated with images of dragons, small lions, and lemon flowers. The center garden sports an amazing fountain with a dragon made of chipped pottery. Besides that, there are Various Cantonese statues.

Cantonese Assembly Hall 3

(Dragon at Cantonese Assembly Hall)


Cantonese Assembly Hall 4

(Dragon at Assembly Hall)


Cantonese Assembly Hall 5


Cantonese Assembly Hall 6

(A altar room)

Thanks to its unique architecture mingled Guangdong architecture with traditional characteristics of Hoi An, ancient artisans painstakingly constructed and decorated in order to create Cantonese Assembly Hall with its own exquisite beauty.

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