How many days travel in Hoi An

how many days in Hoi An


How Long To Spend In Hoi An


Hoi An, located in the Central Vietnam, is a famous tourist destination for not only domestic but also foreign tourists.If you are planning to visit Hoi An, but you hesitate to decide how many days in Hoi An you should spend, then think about your purpose. Depending on your purposes, the time to visit Hoi An will be different. For example, if you do not have many days in Vietnam and you want to visit many other cities beside Hoi An, then, a half day or 1 day is enough to visit Hoi An, maybe a trip to Hoi An from Da nang.


Hoi An is only about 30 km from Da nang and you can easily visit Hoi An from this city. A half day is enough to see Hoi An ancient town and take some photos to show everyone that you have been there.For others who have more days in Vietnam and want to explore more about Hoi An not only famous sites but also the countryside and villages, you should stay in Hoi An about 2 days or more. If you want to find a peaceful place to relax to feel comfortable after a hard working month, you can spend longer, maybe about 1 week because Hoi An is really peaceful and an ideal place for relaxing. In generally, It’s you who will answer your question “ how many days in Hoi An ”.  However, the best option for those who first time come to Hoi An is to stay in Hoi An as least 2 days because there are many things to do and to see in Hoi An that you cannot see how beautiful Hoi An is if you just visit it in 1 day.




On the first day, you can visit the Hoi An ancient town with some famous sites such as Japanese covered Bridge, PhucKien assembly Hall, Ong Temple, Tan Ky old house, Phung Hung old house,… Coming to Hoi An, but not walking around the Old town will be a majoromission in your journey. And do not forget to take the boat trip along Thu Bon river to enjoy the fresh air.Besides, you can also visit some tailor shops to see how good tailors in Hoi An are and why Hoi An is a very famous places for silk and vests.  In the evening, it’s time to see the colorful Hoi An when the lanterns are lighted and the flower lights are sparkling and drifting on the Hoai river.You can also spend a little time sitting in a restaurant, coffee shop or a bar and reward yourself a cup of beer and see the town at night.

On the second day, you can spend time to visit places outside the Old town. You can hire a bicycle and ride it around to visit some villages and beaches listed as Cam Thanh coconut village, Thanh Ha pottery village,Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach, ….Or you can simply book a countryside tour from a travel agency to visit those places.  There are many activities that you can do on this day.If you have more days in Hoi An, it’s time for relaxing or join in some cooking class and enjoy local food.


Should you understand your time and purpose, the question “ how many days in Hoi An ” will be no longer your concern anymore.

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