How many days travel in Hoi An

Hoi An, an enchanting ancient city in Central Vietnam, is an ideal destination for those who wish to explore the unique historical and cultural beauty of this country. With more than 2,000 years of history, Hoi An is one of the most ancient trading centers in Southeast Asia, where many different cultures meet and trade. Walking through small streets dotted with surprisingly beautiful old houses, you will encounter ancient temples and unique architecture that blends classic and modern features. Let’s refer to a detailed itinerary to see how many days there are in Hoi An and what to do during these days!

Are you planning a trip to Hoi An and wondering how many days to spend in this enchanting town? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through crafting the perfect itinerary for your visit to Hoi An. From exploring ancient streets lined with colorful lanterns to indulging in mouthwatering local cuisine and immersing yourself in cultural experiences, Hoi An has something to offer every traveler. Whether you have a few days or a week to spare, we’ll help you make the most of your time in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore tour package 3 days in Hoi An now!

How many days in Hoi An

How Long To Spend In Hoi An

Hoi An, located in the Central Vietnam, is a famous tourist destination for not only domestic but also foreign tourists traveling throughout Vietnam. If you are planning to visit Hoi An, but you hesitate to decide how many days in Hoi An you should spend. Then it is best to take some time to think about what you want from your travels! Some travelers are on tight schedules and others have more flexibility to take their time throughout their journey.

The beautiful city of Hoi An is located on the romantic Hoai River, 30km from Da Nang city, so it is extremely convenient for tourists to travel and visit two places. Hoi An, like Hue and many other provinces in the Central region, has four seasons each year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The ideal time to travel to Hoi An ancient town is from February to April every year because during this time the spring weather is cool and Hoi An has little rain and light sunshine, making it very suitable for tourists to visit and explore.

Hoi An Old Town - How many days in Hoi An

From May to August, the weather is wonderful and sunny. Although the weather in May and June is hot and sunny, you will have to bear some difficulty, but in exchange, this is an excellent time to visit Hoi An’s beaches. To get the most out of your trip to Hoi An, read the entire article to find out how many days in Hoi An!

Hoi An Old Town - How many days in Hoi An

For example, many travelers will be staying in Danang for only 1 or 2 days. For travelers like this, a half or full-day trip is suitable to Hoi An from Da nang. It will give you the opportunity to visit the ancient town of Hoi An without requiring too much of your time in central Vietnam. For other travelers, spending several days in Hoi An is a fantastic opportunity to explore thoroughly. Basking in the local culture, unique architecture and fascinating history or the sleep seaside town. Time and time again, Hoi An has been rated as one of the most stunning sea-side towns of South-East Asia by travelers from all over the world.

Bike - How many days in Hoi An

How Many Days In Hoi An

For those who have more time in Vietnam and wish to explore Hoi An. This will allow you to wander outside of the city center and experience the typical ‘untouched’ beauty of the villages. You are advised to remain in Hoi An for 2-3 days or more. A large number of travelers simply come to Hoi An for weeks at a time to relax from their hectic lifestyles at home.

Hoi An is approximately 45 minutes (30 kilometers) from Da nang and you can easily visit Hoi An from here. Private cars are available from $30USD return. Where a driver will stay with you throughout the whole day until you are ready to return to your hotel. A half day is bare minimum to see Hoi An ancient town, allowing you to wander around the ancient town by the river. Savor some of the delicious local dishes and snap some fantastic photos.

How Long To Spend In Hoi An 2024

For others who have more time available in Vietnam and want to explore Hoi An thoroughly. Which will allow you to venture outside of the city center into the traditional ‘untouched’ beauty of the villages. It is recommended you stay in Hoi An 2-3 days or longer. A large amount of travelers simply come to Hoi An for weeks at a time to simply unwind from their strenuous lifestyles back home.

It is truly the perfect place to do so, as there are no shortage of home-stays, hotels and beach-side accommodation available. All accommodation will offer either a seaside or countryside vibe. Which is fantastic for those of you simply wanting to take that much needed break… In general, the question of how many days in Hoi An will completely depend on you. Any amount of time you are able to allocate in Hoi An is better than nothing.

Hoi An Old Town

Travel 3 Days

However most travelers tend to dedicate a minimum of 3 days in order to have a truly memorable experience of this beautiful place. For those travelers, you can allocate your first day to simply becoming accustomed with the Ancient Town. A large number of Hoi An accommodation is located right in the heart of the town. Meaning that you are able to walk directly in. For those staying closer to the beach, a 15 minute taxi or shuttle bus will land you in the city center. From there you can roam the narrow streets and alleys. Whilst visiting the famous sites and houses scattered throughout the town such as.

The Japanese Covered Bridge, an 18th century landmark featuring elaborate carvings and architecture; Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, constructed in 1690 and served the largest Chinese ethnic group in Hoi An; Ong Temple, facing the Can Tho River and built to worship Kuang Kung who represented loyalty, justice honour and courage.

Amongst exploring the Ancient Town’s old houses. You can also make your way down to the Thu Bon River. Where there are endless boats available to go for a cruise along the river whilst taking in the fantastic ambiance that Hoi An has to offer, especially at night time. Don’t forget Hoi An is also the most famous city in Vietnam for it’s tailored clothes! Hoi An is renowned for tailoring clothes for both men and women using any material desired (especially silk) for a fraction of the price back in your home country. Not to mention, they work incredibly fast for those needing the clothes to be made urgently and alterations are also included within the price.

Mid Autumn Festival

3.1 Day 1 – Explore Hoian Ancient Town

On day 1, we will start the trip by visiting the Thanh Ha Pottery Village tourist area and experiencing a traditional and long-standing craft village, contributing to preserving and promoting the unique identity of the residents here. Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village is an opportunity for you to understand more about the long-standing traditional craft, observe the stages of ceramic production through the skillful hands of artisans in the village, and also create your own. Create products according to your imagination, as well as buy your favorite ceramic products directly.

  • Watch artisans polish ceramics
  • Visit the pottery ancestral relics of Nam Dieu Temple
  • Participate in showing off your skills in sharpening ceramics and making blow molds
  • Receive a ceramic hand-blown product.
  • Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Following the trip, we will experience the Cam Thanh Coconut Forest, a very Western-style coconut forest located in beautiful Hoi An, with rows of green coconut trees along both sides of the river. When coming here, visitors will be immersed in nature and fresh air and have the opportunity to experience basketboat rides and watch artists perform spinning on basketboats. To end the first day most completely, after exploring the coconut forest, we will return to Hoi An, an ancient town recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Here, visitors will enjoy Hoi An’s delicious specialties at a local restaurant and recharge their energy for the next exciting activities. Your journey will continue by exploring Hoi An ancient town, once a bustling trading port with many countries such as China, Korea, and Japan…Explore the Assembly halls, the Tan Ky Ancient House, and the Japanese Covered Bridge, and drop the lantern on the dreamy Hoai River.

thing to do in hoi an

3.2 The Second Day

The second day in Hoi An (much more interesting during the hot season of February to August), is a great opportunity for tourists to visit Hoi An beaches such as Cua Dai Beach or An Bang.
Cua Dai is the closest to Hoi An’s ancient town. However, it has a little less to offer than An Bang. There are still places to rest, eat, and swim, but you must travel around 2 kilometers down the road to An Bang Beach.

Then it is recommended that you do! A Bang Beach is a beautiful, undisturbed beauty with the ideal attitude for travelers: beachside eateries serving wonderful food, beach beds, palm palms, and plenty of bars to stop by for a beverage. It is excellent for all types of travelers and can be reached by bicycle or cab, and some hotels even provide complimentary shuttles to and from.

One of another choices for you is to explore Cham Island. Renowned for their pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life, the Chàm Islands offer an idyllic escape for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Whether snorkeling among colorful coral reefs, trekking through lush forests or simply relaxing on the sandy shores, the Cham Islands provide an unforgettable experience in harmony with nature. In the afternoon, visitors can immerse themselves in an explosive culinary festival with a series of delicious and unique dishes when experiencing the Hoi An Food Tour.

Hoi An Day Trip From Da Nang

Hoi An Day Trip

  • Private Tour
  • Full Day
English Driver
Private Car
Entrance Fee
Happy Trip

Low Price

3.3 The Day 3 – Experience tourist attractions near Hoi An

On the last day in Hoi An, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the religious and cultural center of the Champa kingdom. The ancient towers, built from split glass bricks and Cham bricks, are symbols of the development of architectural art and the religion of the Cham people. This is also a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Aside from the Ancient Town, Hoi An has a range of fantastic tours such as night street food tours. Tra Que Vetetable Farm tours, Bach Ma National Park tours or Ba Na Hills Tours from Hoian and even tours which visit the Imperial City of Hue. All of these tours are either half or full-day tours. Which are fantastic for those wanting to discover the wonderful cuisine, history and culture during their visit to Central Vietnam.

Explore My Son Sanctuary

Ultimately, when you are considering “how many days in Hoi An” when planning your travels. You should take into account all of the above information. However, we recommend that the longer you can allocate, the better! Some travelers arrive in Hoi An with a plan to spend two nights. End up spending 2 weeks because of the raw beauty and limitless activities to be done!

If you have any questions regarding your holiday in Hoi An or are interested in taking part in some of the wonderful tours on offer. Please contact our friendly staff who will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!

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