Fujian Assembly Hall in Hoi An – A wonderful destination

Hoi An is a small town in Quang Nam that is full of interestingness and tourist attractions. Go to Hoi An, you must visit Fujian Assembly Hall to encounter an excellent work of architecture that is also considered as a heritage of historical significance.


Fujian Assembly Hall 1

(The Fujian Assembly Hall)

1. What is the Fujian Assembly Hall?

Fujian Assembly Hall is located in 46 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam province, Viet Nam. It is one of 5 official assembly halls in Hoi An, including Fujian, Chaozhou, Guangdong, Hainan, and Hak. The Assembly Hall was built around 1690. It was traditional assembly hall for the Chinese ethnic group, China to socialize. This structure was later transformed into a temple for the worship of Thien Hau, a deity from Fujian province.


Fujian Assembly Hall 2

(The Fujian Assembly Hall)

2. What to see in the Fujian Assembly Hall?

It bears all the fundamental features in structure of a Chinese Assembly Hall. There are lots of animal symbols in the design and architecture of the Assembly Hall. Its ornate gate and colourful courtyard with fountains. The mosaic fountain inside the Fujian assembly hall bears a fish sculpture. Besides, there are other animals such as phoenix, dragon, turtle, unicorn, ..... The phoenix represents nobility. The dragon is the symbol of power. The turtle signifies endurance. The unicorn is a symbol of knowledge.


Fujian Assembly Hall 3

(The mosaic fountain)


Fujian Assembly Hall 4



Fujian Assembly Hall 5

(The Fujian Assembly Hall)


Fujian Assembly Hall 6

(The Fujian Assembly Hall)


The main hall is the biggest room. It lies a shrine and many delicate-carved dragons. Behind the central altar are the God of Properity and the the goddess of fertility, three fairies (teaches newborns a different skill necessary for the first year of life: smiling, sucking and so forth) and twelve midwives. There are a plethora of statues, bronze bells, bronze drums,  and horizontal lacquered board engraved with Chinese characters.


Fujian Assembly Hall 7

(The main hall)


Fujian Assembly Hall 8

(The Fujian Assembly Hall)

3. Travel Tips

It is a wonderful destination for visitors from both inside and outside of Vietnam. On the 15th of January lunar year, 16th of February lunar year and 23th of March lunar year many activities are organized in the Fujian Assembly Hall.


Fujian Assembly Hall 9


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