My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is a beach located in Da Nang, Central Vietnam. It sits about 30 kilometers north of popular tourist destination, Hoi An. Da Nang has approximately 30 kms of coastline and is famous for its beautiful stretch of pristine, clean beaches. My Khe Beach is picturesque and once named in Forbes Magazine as “one of the worlds most luxurious beaches”. It is incredibly popular amongst locals and tourists, with tens of thousands of visitors coming each year to enjoy this beach that offers crystal clear blue water and golden white sand ring peak season, with good with good weather most of the year around. During peak season the beach can become quite crowded with tourists and locals, but remains very safe to visit. The average temperature annually is 25 C.


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(My Khe Beach – Things to do in Hoi An)


My Khe Beach is approximately 1 kilometer in length and has many high quality restaurants and bars available nearby. It is particularly known for its fresh seafood such as fish, crab and prawns that are caught daily and locally. It is also located right near the city center, so it is easily accessible for anyone visiting Da Nang. There are an abundance of hotels and other accommodation nearby, making it a favorite for anyone visiting Vietnam. The sea water is quite shallow and the waves small, making it ideal for families with children.



My Khe Beach also became notable after the Vietnam War (also known as “China Beach”), where it was a place for American troops looking for some R&R. In 1965, 3,500 US troops which were the first American combat troops in Vietnam, landed at Da Nang to secure the airfield in the protracted war that pitted North Vietnam against the American-backed regime of the south. With this beach nearby, it was utilized by soldiers and after the war strongly increased in popularity. Located nearby also is the Marble Mountain Air Facility  an aviation facility used primarily by the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.


For those wanting to visit My Khe beach, there are no entrance fees as it is a public beach. A taxi ride from Hoi An will cost you around 300,000 VND, or alternatively there are shuttle and public buses available that depart regularly for much cheaper.


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