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04/16/2020 08:15 PM

Dalat is one of the most unique and different tourist destinations in Vietnam. The distance from Hoi An to Dalat is about 630 kms (13.5 hours) and just 130 kms from Nha Trang (3 hours), this fascinating place combines Vietnamese and rural French influences – much of which can be seen in the architecture of the houses as well as the layout of the city. The city is beautifully spread across pine covered hills with a small lake in the center. Another interesting point about Dalat is its altitude – it sits 1500-2000 meters above sea level, producing many things that will not grow in other parts of Vietnam. It also produces the most popular wine in Vietnam. So upon visiting, you can expect warm days but a very cool air by night.


Dalat has many things to do when visiting such as the Colonial Palaces, the Dalat Market, Golden Spring Lake, Lake of Sorrow, Truc Lam Zen monastery, Lake of Sorrow and valley of love just to name a few.


hoi an to dalat

(Dalat is famous for its combination of French and Vietnam influence and beautiful architecture – Hoi An to Dalat)


The journey from Hoi An to Dalat is a long one, with many people making stop along the way at Nha Trang. The main modes of transport between Hoi An to Dalat are by night bus, plane, motorbike tour or private car. The night bus takes around 13 hours and will cost around $15 USD, depending on which company you book with. This option is not for the feint-hearted, as it is a long time to be spending on a bus and the travel isn’t always smooth. If choosing to fly, you will have to transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang Airport, which is roughly 45 minutes by car. The flight takes 1.5 hours and will cost anything from $40 USD upwards, depending on date and time of departure.


An increasingly popular option for travelling from Hoi An to Dalat is by motorbike tour or private car. This may take slightly longer than flying and the night bus, but it allows you to stop at any destinations along that way you desire as well as experiencing some of the beautiful scenery Vietnam has to offer outside of the major destinations. It is usually done overnight or even up to a few days if you have time on your side. Ultimately, there are benefits and drawbacks when choosing how to travel so it comes down to personal preference.


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