Best beach in Hoi An

best beach in Hoi An

Best beach in Hoi An


Besides the main attraction of the Ancient Town, Hoi An is also known for its serene and peaceful beaches. Although not as popular as Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, these beaches are calm and quiet, alluring in their own way. The best beach in Hoi An is the popular Cua Dai Beach, accompanied  by the popular Ang Bang Beach just slightly further around north along the coastline.


(Above: Tourists enjoy relaxing in the shade at Ang Bang Beach)

These picturesque beaches beautifully compliment the Ancient Town, both being easily accessible from here and also surrounding hotels. Unfortunately, Cua Dai beach was tarnished in 2014 by storms and poor river management in 2014 and is only showing patches of improvement today. Although many still travel to Cua Dai Beach to relax and watch the waves, Ang Bang has become the more popular alternative for visitors in Hoi An.


(below: Cua Dai Beach has been ravaged by many storms, but still remains popular in the dryer seasons)


Ang Bang is located about 6km from the center of the Ancient Town in Hoi An, visitors are welcomed with an array of comfortable deck chairs, large umbrellas and a decent range of restaurants serving fresh local seafood and western dishes. It also boasts some of the best 5 star hotels along this coastline. Additionally, Ang Bang Beach remains in pristine condition despite the thousands of tourists that visit each year. It is included in the top 25 beaches of SE Asia.


  (above: restaurants along Ang Bang Beach are particularly popular due to the relaxed vibe and beautiful location

Below: Hoi Ans beautiful stretch of coastline)

Cua Dai beach



If you are visiting Hoi An, do not forget to visit both Cua Dai and Ang Bang Beach as all beaches in Vietnam boast their on unique attributes!


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