Cham Island

About the Cham Islands


The Cham Islands consist of 8 small islands in the South East Asia sea, located in central Vietnam. The ancient landscape offers many sandy beaches, forested hills and a panoramic of the surrounding ocean. It is located approximately 15 kilometres from popular tourist destination Hoi An and is approachable via Cua Dai Beach. The stunning coral and marine life are one of the main attractions for this beautiful location. They can be reached in roughly 3 hours by canoeing or just 30 minutes via speedboat from the nearest shore point.
The Cham Islands were believed to be inhabited by the Cham people for many years before they had visited the mainland, making it a very important part of Central Vietnams history. Archaeologists claim the Cham had first settled 3000 years ago, while business contacts contacts began just 1000 years ago. The traditional resources of the Cham people are rice farming, fishing, trading in pepper, cinnamon bark, ivory and wood - with neighbouring countries accessed through the port of Hoi An. Today, the main resource of the Island is the swallows nest, which can be used to prepare a delicate and expensive local dish in high demand. This harvest is important as it is valued at a whopping $4,000USD per kilogram. On the largest island there are two fishing villages named Bai Lang and Bai Huong




The Cham Islands are particularly famous for its pristine white beaches. Bai Chong is the most noteworthy beach that this divine island group has to offer. Travelling to the Cham Islands are preferred in the dry season which is February through to September, although they are safe to visit all year round. Travellers also have the option of staying overnight.


Additionally, visitors can also snorkel and scuba dive in Cham Islands. It is recommended however, that those wanting to be wary of faulty equipment by some of these shops. The cheaper options should be avoided and it is far safer to pay a little extra for safe equipment and a professional instructor. The Cham Islands are a fantastic offshore opportunity to escape the busier Da Nang and Hoi An.


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