ATM Hoi An – Locations

04/16/2020 08:15 PM

ATM Hoi An – Hoi An travel Guide

Hoi An hosts tens of thousands of travelers each year and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. A frequently asked question that we’ve found from those visiting is “where are the ATM in Hoi An?”. Having sufficient funds while traveling is likely the most crucial aspect of traveling! Therefore, below we have listed all the locations in which you can find the ATM in Hoi An for your convenience. Please note that varying banks will charge different fees, as well as the withdrawal limit varying from bank to bank.


Generally speaking, the ATM in Hoi An will charge a fee based on the withdrawal amount and is usually anywhere between 40,000VND-100,000VND ($2-5USD). Your bank may also charge an additional amount for an overseas withdrawal, so make sure you are aware before hand so you don’t get any unexpected fees! The limit also tends to be between 3,000,000-5,000,000VND($130-220USD), so if you need to take out a specific amount, make sure you know which banks offer the highest withdrawal; this will avoid double the fees. Below are a list of both banks and ATM in Hoi An. Please also be aware that some of the banks have earlier closing times!



Techcombank ATM
627 Hai Ba Trung


Vietcombank ATM
02  Tran Cao Van, Phuong Cam Pho, Thanh Pho Hoi An


ATM Vietinbank (24 hours)
4  Hoang Dieu


 ATM Vietinbank
9  Le Loi


Sacombank ATM (24 hours)
06 Tran Hung Dao


Techcombank ATM
02 Hoang Dieu


Vietinbank ATM
127 Phan Châu Trinh


Techcombank ATM
6 Tran Phu Street


Agribank ATM (Cua Dai Beach)
Lac Long Quan (located on this street)


MB ATM (Cua Dai Beach)
382 Cua Dai


Agribank ATM (24 HOURS)
255 Cua Dai



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