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Hoi An is located in Central Vietnam, it was a melting pot domestic and international traders came to purchase and exchange commodities in the 16 and 17 centuries. Nowadays, Hoi an welcome dozen tourists visit yearly. The town has many attractions to discover such as Hoi An ancient town, My Son Temple, CamThanh Coconut village, Thanh Ha Pottery village, An Bang beach, etc…There are many activities to attend here.

Travellers spend average 3 – 4 days in Hoi An to discover this ancient town. Our travel guides provide useful and informative tips in Hoi An. Let’s explore our guidance blogs and tour products.

Chicken Rice- The Taste Of Hoi An

Hoi An Chiken Rice is a very typical dish of this ancient city. It holds a special position in the world’s culinary map and in foreign visitors’ minds. Hoi An’s sophisticated gastronomic culture and locally sourced ingredients have given Hoi An Chicken Rice a rich, buttery melt-in-your-mouth sensation that...

Cao Lau- The Best Street Food in Hoi An

The best street food in Hoi An Cao Lau Hoi An is a foremost dish from locals to serve million of worldwide travelers. Cao Lau comprises yellow noodles, pork and raw vegetable, everyone usually eat it with rice cracker. This recipe approximates authentic cao lau with easier-to-find ingredients. Use...

Visit Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hoi An

Cantonese Assembly Hall is a popular tourist attraction in the small town of Hoi An. Go to Hoi An Old Town, you must visit this Cantonese Assembly Hall to get the pleasure of viewing this architectural heritage of Vietnam.   (Cantonese Assembly Hall)   Location and History The Hall...

Fujian Assembly Hall in Hoi An - A wonderful destination

Hoi An is a small town in Quang Nam that is full of interestingness and tourist attractions. Go to Hoi An, you must visit Fujian Assembly Hall to encounter an excellent work of architecture that is also considered as a heritage of historical significance.   (The Fujian Assembly Hall)...


The Japanese Covered Bridge is one of the famous tourist attractions in Hoi An, Vietnam. Visit Hoi An Old Town, you just don’t want to miss this Bridge. This topic is help you to how to have a great experience in The Japanese Covered Bridge.   (The Japanese Covered Bridge)...

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