Hoi An Weather

Hoi An Weather


Hoi An is one of Vietnam's hottest (figuratively and literally) holiday and destinations and likely the most popular in Central Vietnam. Situated almost exactly on the border of the middle of the country, just 45 minutes south of Danang, Hoi An saw an incredible 2.3 million travelers from local and abroad in 2017.

(Above: Hoi An beach is the best throughout the middle of the year)


One of the most common questions on travelers minds when looking to book a holiday to Hoi An, is regarding the weather in Hoi An. This is an important question to ask, because the weather in Hoi An varies quite a bit throughout the year, so it is certainly important to take into consideration when planning your holiday!


Unlike Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, Hoi An is a city of 2 seasons and averages a temperature of 29°
C throughout the year. Beside the monsoon season through spanning from September through to January, weather in Hoi An is generally for the rest of the year.


(Above: The Ancient Town in Hoi An during rainy season)


The hottest months in Hoi An are June and July, with temperatures peaking at 38°C in July. We recommend for beach lovers and alike, to visit Hoi An in June - this is of course if you are wanting to experience the most ideal and consistent beach weather, but all months are great! February through to May are slightly milder months with far less humidity, making them the peak months for tourism in Hoi An. As for the rainier seasons and the ones to avoid if possible, Hoi An Weather is generally much wetter from September through to January. The months with the highest chances of floods are October and November, with many locations beach-side or situated on lower ground being more susceptible. It isn't often an issue for holiday makers however. The temperature will generally sit between 19°C- 24°C during this time, so you might need a jacket for after dark!

In summary, Hoi An is a fantastic place to visit all year round even though the rainier months can be more unpredictable than others. If the weather in Hoi An will play a large role in the level of enjoyment on your trip, we suggest you stick to the drier months as outlined above!

Have a great trip!


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